BRAND NEW EP – International Affair – Ponchita Peligros – Recorded at Jump & Prance Studio

BRAND NEW EP – Recorded at Jump & Prance Studio

International Affair Ep - Ponchita Peligros and Interrupt - Cubículo Records
International Affair Ep – Ponchita Peligros and Interrupt – Cubículo Records

Hoy tengo el placer de presentaros un nuevo EP mi Deejay colaboradora Ponchita Peligros junto a Interrupt para Cubículo Records. Los dos cortes de Ponchita Peligros han sido grabados por mi, Supah Frans en mi estudio Jump & Prance. 

Un placer poder colaborar Out a babylon con este gran equipo para poder regalaros este estupendo EP.

Today I have the plesaure to present a new EP of one of my Deejays, Ponchita Peligros ft Interrupt for Cubículo Records. The two Ponchita’s tracks was recorded for me, Supah Frans at my studio Jump & Prance.

Was a pleasure collaborate Out a babylon with this big team and now we can gift you this nice Ep.


“This time we teamed up with two great upcoming talents from the new era of Digital / Rub a Dub reggae; we are talking about the young producer from Devon (UK), Interrupt and the new Spanish phenomenon Ponchita Peligros.

This EP is composed of six tracks, two vocal cuts with the sweet melodic voice of Ponchita accompanied by Interrupt’s riddims plus two remixes of Cutty Ranks and Michael Prophet feat Ricky Tuffy by Interrupt.

Interrupt has been producing Reggae since 2012. Inspired by the digital Reggae style of the late 1980s where his obsessions inspired him to start creating his own riddims using a CZ-101 keyboard, making his own remixes of popular reggae tunes. In 2013 he released his first EP with Spanish singer George Palmer in a Rubadub Style, which proved to be a big success, promoting both artists and paving the way for many more collaborations and musical endeavours. Upbeat vibes, old-school drum machines, bold bass lines and colourful synthesisers are what define Interrupt’s unique production style.

Ponchita Peligros is a Spanish rub a dub DJ/MC that has turned out as one of the biggest artists of her country. Her style is characterised by her sweet voice and her fun and creative DJ style that brings us back to the 1980s. After releasing her first solo album playing sax and singing in 2008, Ponchita has focused on singing Rub-a-dub in Soundsystem dances and has been collaborating with sounds and producers from all over the world. In June 2014 Scotch Bonnet Records released her first 7″ vinyl and after a complete sell-out Ponchita and Stalawa came back again last December with a second 7″ release made for the Rub a Dub lovers all over the world ina “Different Style”

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