Rub-a-dub Ting! Program 26 – 31/10/2016

Welcome to the Rub-a-dub Ting #26 by Supah frans at Jump & Prance Studio on “The station for soundsystem culture”.

In this show I play strictly Rub-a-dub vinyls, only 7″ less the last tracks. You will listen artist as Ranking Toyan, Captain Sinbad, Pupa Kojak and Muma Lizza, Josey Wales, Half Pint and maaaany more.

The final songs are the new Reality Shock Release, they present us Jah Love riddim .

All this and many more on Rub-a-dub Ting Radio Show

Supah Frans, reggae, spain, españa, rasta, weed, ganja, music, live, jump and prance, girona, best, dub, soundsystem

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